What was God thinking when He created you creative and then gave you children? Creative moms often feel as though they must lay their passions down. But God had something special in mind for the creative woman during this intense season of mothering. 

In this Pinterest age of handcrafted children's parties, Instagram photos of beautifully decorated homes, and blogs filled with poetry and prose, it is clear that we are in the midst of a brand new artistic renaissance. Not one born in Italian cathedrals or Harlem jazz clubs, but rather in kitchens, nurseries, and living rooms around the world. Mothers, working in the cracks and crevices of each hectic day, are adorning the world with their gifts, and they’re showing all of us the beauty of this Life Creative.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • Why the world needs your art
  • How this Life Creative begins at home
  • When art can turn a profit
  • Your part in this modern day Renaissance 

Life Creative paints the stories of moms, just like you, who are fitting their inspired lives into the everyday, ordinary places of motherhood. Women like home decorator Melissa Michaels and jewelry designer Lisa Leonard, author Angie Smith, recording artist Ellie Holcomb, and many more. 



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Life Creative paints stories of moms who are fitting their inspired lives into the everyday, ordinary places of motherhood. #lifecreative



@lifecreative is a faith-based, online community where creatives gather to celebrate this "in His image and likeness" design as they passionately blend their creative work into the messiness of daily life!

    Whether you're at work or play, making dinner for yourself or raising little people, redecorating your family room or pulling away to create graphics for Instagram, we believe that your personal artistry has power. God created you creative, then set you free for purposes of good. 

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    Kelli Stuart is a writer and a storyteller at heart. She has written for The Huffington Post, 5 Minutes for Mom, The MOB Society, Extraordinary Mommy, God Size Dreams, Short Fiction Break, (in)courage, and Compassion International. Kelli is a noted speaker, sharing her encouraging message to never give up on your dreams and passions with mothers who often feel lost in motherhood.


    As a trained actress and heartfelt teacher, Wendy ministers to women’s hearts through storytelling and life applications. She utilizes drama, comedy, poetry, and the study of God’s Word. During her career in Hollywood, on shows such as JAG, Melrose Place, Star Trek Voyager, and Roswell, Wendy found herself longing to tell stories that edify and encourage women! That's exactly what she’s doing now.


    Life Creative extends a hand across the lonely miles of motherhood, to every woman who feels like she’s lost herself in a sea of diapers and dishes. It breathes beauty and life and purpose into the everyday servant-hood of mothering, and reminds us that it’s up to us to seize those very ordinary moments and turn them into something beautiful. I have never read anything like this, and as both a mother and artist, I endorse it fully. The world needs Life Creative.
    — Emily T. Wierenga | Author of five books including, Atlas Girl: Finding Home in the Last Place I Thought to Look
    This is a message that hungering, hurting, hoping hearts need! “We’re here to tell you it is a worthy use of your life: both the grand offering of motherhood and the smaller gifting of self-expression.” These words from the opening section make you want to read the whole book.”
    — Becky Keife | Speaker & Blogger at
    Wendy and Kelli’s words will support, encourage, and cheer you on in the art and adventure of mothering.
    — Holley Gerth | Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of You're Already Amazing
    I am breathless. These are the things I believe but didn’t have words to articulate...but my soul knows it is truth. I’m going back to read it all again, slowly.
    — Mindy Rogers | Teacher & Writer
    “Mothers carry deep within them an innate desire to create beauty around them—whether it’s with shape or color, words or song. In Life Creative, Wendy and Kelli come alongside the artistic soul inside us all with wisdom and insight on how to care for our families while also caring for the artist within. absolute must-read for creative moms.
    — Denise J. Hughes | Author of the Bible study series, Word Writers and the book On Becoming a Writer. Editorial Coordinator for (in)courage, and Founder of Deeper Waters Ministry
    Our creative lives are a dance — fluid and ever changing — rather than one stationary, perfect balance of family and faith. For years I thought creativity was limited to those on stage or at an easel, but a new day had dawned. Life Creative has painted an all-inclusive picture, inviting everyone to embrace their part in this present Renaissance.
    — Sarah Bragg | Podcaster at
    As the mom of 3 kids, I need the wisdom of other moms, but most, I need their companionship and gentle nod of understanding. Wendy and Kelli have offered this in the pages of this book in the most precious of ways: they’ve taken our hand, looked us in the eye, and given us the gentle nod to help us move forward. Life Creative lets me be myself and find my best mothering, there. Kudos, ladies. This book is a big exhale, a dear friend, and a powerful teacher.
    — Lisa Whittle | Author of {w}hole and I Want God
    As a mom of two wild boys and a new baby girl, I am thankful for authentic moms like Wendy and Kelli that welcome women into this creative world in a manner that breaks down all barriers of comparison and the idea of measuring up. What a blessing to always leave their space feeling refreshed and inspired.
    — Amber Tysl | Photographer & Blogger